About WABC

Word Aflame Bible College (WABC ) was instituted and dedicated to the glory of the Lord on 30th January 1983 by Rev. N Urshan, Rev. E Freeman, Rev. H Scism, Rev. D Ikerd, and Rev. Peter Sonkani Phiri. Since then the college has held successful graduations each year in August.

Word Aflame Bible College is primarily an institution for the training and education of Pentecostal ministers and laity for the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. While the college accepts individuals from many denominational backgrounds, the denominational identification of the college and its faculty is United Pentecostal.

WABC curriculum offers :

  • The two -year Associate degree in Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS) on full time basis
  • Certificate in Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS) which is offered on weekends (Saturday)
  • GATS platform offering Certificate and Diploma courses
Students enrolled in the Theology program gain extensive, in-depth teaching on biblical studies as well as in ministerial work.
The enrolment is mainly done in September and January intakes.

Students are taught by men and women of God who are currently in the ministry. These well respected men and women not only offer knowledge from years of biblical study, but also wisdom and leadership advice from years of experience.

Levels of Study

Four levels of education are projected.For each subject we will provide required classroom hours, clearly stated course objectives, and recommended textbooks. A core curriculum will be discribe in detail by clicking on GATS Curriculum.