GATS: Bachelor Degree Level

Projected Bachelor Degree

Entrance Requirements:
  1. GATS Associate of Arts degree or approved equivalent.
  2. Recommendation from National Board or Superintendent/President.
  3. Recommendation from Bible College where the student attended and graduated.
  4. Two years of active ministry in the United Pentecostal Church International.
  5. Successfully passing a comprehensive examination covering the Associates degree curriculum.

Below is a sampling of potential courses that make up this degree program. Electives can also be factored in. Work life experience totaling eight hundred hours will be factored in.

Course Comments
Hebrew/Greek Biblical Languages
Gospel of John (Doctrinal Emphasis)
Comparative Religions
Cross-cultural Communications and Ministry
Advanced Leadership
Church Administration
Modern Pentecostal History
Personal Spirtual Disciplines
Professional and Christian Ethics
Bible Geography
Expository Preaching/Advanced Homiletics Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages
UPCI History of Missions
Counseling and Christian Psychology
Accounting Business Skills, Financial Management

or Work Life Experience GATS Bachelor Degree More